Q. After my pet passes away, how quickly do I have to go to the veterinarian to get a piece of bone?
A. Within one week.
Q: How long does this process take?
A: Typically only 4-6 weeks
Q: Are there size requirements for this process?
A: Yes, very small animals such as mice do not qualify for this, but most animals do qualify! Please fill out our contact form for more information/questions.
Q: If I have an animal who has passed away already, can I still have a custom piece made from bone?
A: Yes, we can take care of this as long as the bone and/or animal has been refrigerated.
Q. How long does it take to get my artwork made?
A. After we receive the piece of bone, you should receive your artwork within 3 weeks.
Q. How do I place my order?
A. After you put in your email address on our website, we'll email you to setup your free art consultation.  Once you decide what art piece you want, you can place your order and pay through our website, minmems.com.